Here is how the Club Penguin Cheat works:

1. Go to the membership area where there will be options, that will ask you if you have a Gift Certificate or a Club Penguin Membership card.

2. Then go to the  enter activation key for the Club Penguin Membership and enter either these 2 codes in, or any other used code that you can find.

Code 1# 4377 6194 9876 7676

Code 2# 4377 6194 9876 7676

Code#3  4269  9647  7304  6557

3. Then modify these codes to different numbers and you will eventually get a brand new working code!

Here is how to modify the code: ( Note use different numbers )


3 Responses

  1. That helps alot man thank you!!


  3. rubbish dosent work at all

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