Happy holidays to all!

hey guys,

happy holidays! i cant wait for Christmas! I hope i get alot of toys and my friend says that my friends who moved away are coming back to celebrate!

Cp is ready for the holidays too!

Club Penguin Christmas 2009 December Enter PAGE

they celebrate by having rockhopper and coins for change come!

whats your favorite holiday? what do you want for Christmas?

Happy holidays!

~philbeet and jakesyl ~


coins for change

Hello Penguins!

This year Rockhopper’s brought some rare items to help celebrate and share in your igloos. And every time you donate, you’ll be helping to decide how a 1 million dollar donation will be split. This year, the categories are: helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment.


Whether you donate your coins, check out the offline activities, throw a giant igloo party, or take part in the benefit concert at the Lighthouse, your actions are making a difference.

Club penguin monster maker and NEW Hanted house!


Well, CP May have the same monster making room but it also has a NEW hanted house!


Hey guys,

Sorry i dident post for so long, heh, I was at my aunts house visiting and dident bring my laptop. im back and will be posting.

New costumes for stage

(Alot to see scroll down alot!)         Ok, i like the red costume at the bottom but i like the others too! While i figue oout which im gonna vote for you see which you like!




Introduceing, Ask Wilt56!

Ask Wilt56

With “Ask Wilt56” you can find out more about wilt56 ( NO personal qustions all will be deleted ) will do a poll on which qustion was best and the best one will get a prize ( info by email )

The prizes will include

  1. becoming wilt56s friend on club penguin
  2. a party

the prize is the winners choice!

Costumes Comeing Soon!

Ok, We ALL like club penguin Halloween party is comeing and everybody knows that a halloween party need costumes! And cp was ready for that! they are makeing a new catalog for halloween! This is a cool sneak peak:


Totally awesome right?!